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After the first game, a loss, we end up going three straight to bring the first quarter of the season to a close at 3-1. In four games, Torres has a 5+ YPC and over 400 yards, Harris Powell has 5 TDs, and Ramon already has three picks on the year. In bad news, we only have had 2 sacks in four games, and Sigman has missed half of his field goals. Our FB is out for a while and Jack Fling will be starting there until Maloney returns.

We lose to the Giants 33-38, and I suspect our season is about to go downhill. We follow it up with a 27-23 win over Chicago and Powell catches another pair of TD passes. We host and defeat 4-1 Minnesota with a 27-14 victory to go to 5-2 on the year. WLB Shane Bronson had a fumble recovery for a TD. DT Cedric Garrard had 3 sacks and was named the league Defensive Player of the Week. Is this the year we make it to the top?

Previously unbeaten Washington loses during our bye week, so they are now 6-1. With one game left to go in the first half of the season, we are hosting Washington. Want to make a statement? Win this game and move into first in the division.

Washington 24, Dallas 34

Jack Yoo hits four players for a TD: Torres for an 83 yard score, Powell for 45, Reeves for 18 and Okubi for 11. Despite the fact that Jack Yoo had 337 passing yards, he hit so many receivers so equally that he didn’t even have a 100 yard receiver. QB rating of 158.3, which I believe is the max. Peter Hill finally gets on the board with 1.5 sacks a FF and a recovery. Our FB is healed and will be back next week.
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