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Actually we lost to Washington in our opener, so we are just tied with them, sorry.

Then we lose at Green Bay 13-17. Blast. It was looking good too. Washington won, of course. We follow with a 24-11 win over two win Philadelphia, which isn’t much of a chore. The Redskins are still winning. We are number 3 in the power ratings, with Washington at 1.

Anyway, our final games are:

Loss at Jacksonville, 17-21
Win at New Orleans 24-21
Loss at home to Tennessee 31-21
Win at Philadelphia 28-3
Loss at home to Texans 44-13.
Win at home to Giants 15-12 Winner of this game made the playoiffs as a wild card seed – we were both 9-6

10-6 and we are a wild card in the playoffs.
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