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Sides / Win Conditions

Villagers: Includes the roled and vanilla villagers. Must eliminate all vampires to win the game.

Vampires: Includes roled and vanilla vampires. Must achieve a 1:1 ratio with the villagers to win the game.


- Weekdays at 10PM EST


- Daily, due at 10:00 PM EST.
- 10:00 is valid vote, 10:01 is past deadline.
- The player with the most votes will be lynched.
- A tie will cause a random lynch. The only players safe from the random lynch will be those who were tied in the original vote. (Example: If GroundCat and EagleFan were tied for the lynch a random drawing will be done in which everyone else except GroundCat and EagleFan could be lynched; in other words tie = bad thing)

PM Rights

- The Vampires have PM rights unless a role specifies differently.
- Villagers have no PM rights, unless specifed within their role(s).


- There is to be no direct quoting of PM's received from the GM.
- Quoting from a PM will result in immediate lynching.


- Nightfall is allowed.
- A nightfall vote must be unanimous.
- The processing of the nightfall votes will depend upon my avilability (if the nightfall vote is official while I am busy at work in the middle of the day it will not be processed until I ave the available time).
- You cannot unvote nightfall, one you vote nightfall your vote is locked in along with your lynch vote.

New Player Bonus

- Whomever brings a new or returning player to the game (someone that hasn't played in at least two years) will be immune from a day one lynch along with the new player they brought in.
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