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Sam - May select one night during the game to receive the result of a scan. On that night he will receive the same information that the person submitting the scan receives. A one time power. Or he may chose to make a one time kill on another player. He may not use both powers as using one will render the other unavailable to him.

Lucy - The maternal protector. She may select one person each night to protect. She may self protect. She may not protect the same person on consecutive nights. She may self protect on consecutive nights but once she choses to she may not self protect again during the game.

Grandpa - Once during the game he may change the result of the lynch. If he "dukes" to a Frog brother it will count as a lynch and the remaining Frog brother will lose scan ability.

The Frog Brothers - Seer Role. May submit a scan each night.


Max - If scanned he will come up clean, the cunning.

David - If lynched he may select one person to take with him, the brutal.

Paul - Vanilla vampire.

Marko - Vanilla vampire.

Dwayne - Vanilla vampire.


Michael - If night attacked will become a vampire after the next night's deadline if Max is still in the game. Wins with whichever team he ends up on. If he becomes a Vampire he will gain an ability to scan for his brother (Sam). If he finds his brother and night attacks him he will have a chance to convert his brother, the risk being that the attack may be blocked by Nanuk (Sam's dog) and Michael discovered.
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