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TEW 10: Watts Way or the Highway

Genadi's Golden Age Mod is absolutely incredible as the influx of dynasties stemming from it suggests. It is only fitting I throw my own into the mix with the Bill Watts run UWF.

I have slightly altered the mod in the following ways:

- I am giving AWA 500k more to hopefully keep them in business since they usually flame out pretty quickly. It is realistic but if the AWA stays in business it makes my job even tougher which I like.

- I am making it so Jim Crockett Promotions die out quickly.

- Subsequently I am editing it so WCW debuts a bit quicker than normal.

- I changed WCWA back to WCCW. Just feels right.

I want to make it a little different and since Dirt Sheets were a big part of the territories (especially Watts) I am going to use a lot of Dirt Sheet style write ups for certain news items and such to hopefully add a little more depth to the dynasty.

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