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Thursday, Week 3, March 1987
Live from the MD - John B. Schuerholz Complex (Mid Atlantic)
480 People -- 500 Capacity

In a bout that had a good crowd and some decent in-ring action, Mike Rotundo defeated Steve Cox in 11:39 by pinfall with a Flying Lariat (D-)

Ted DiBiase comes out to the ring with a mic in hand and doesn't look pleased:

"Here I am, the biggest rising star in wrestling, and I am relegated to wrestling in some armory in our Nation's Crime Capital? This is unacceptable. In fact, the only thing more unacceptable is Michael Hayes claiming to be the most entertaining man in UWF. That is a crock and you can bet I plan on informing Hayes of the error of his ways!" (C-)

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Iceman King Parsons defeated Brazo de Oro in 10:07 by pinfall with a Rumper Stumper (D-)

Jim Ross comes to the ring to tell everyone to tune in to Power Pro Wrestling this week to see The Freebirds take on Ted DiBiase & One Man Gang! (D+)

In a bout that had a good crowd and some decent in-ring action, Chris Adams and Terry Taylor drew with The Sheepherders in 20:00 when the time limit expired (D+)

Show Rating: D+

A solid debut in the Mid Atlantic. Nothing spectacular but mission accomplished.
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