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Breaking Kayfabe: WrestleMania III, Did it live up to the Hype?
Issue 15, March 1987

After months of anticipation the WWF finally held their much awaited WrestleMania III show in front of 30,000 fans in California. While the undercard generally was average, The Hart Foundation retaining their WWF Tag Team Titles over the Young Stallions (C+) was a decent match that got the crowd going.

The match of the night came directly after the tag title match, as Bob Orton Jr. defeated Roddy Piper in a hard hitting affair (B+). The crowd was hot the entire match and these two set a pace that the rest of the card had no chance of topping.

From there Jake Roberts defeated Hercules (C+) in an okay match designed mainly to put Jake over. He is a guy who has a big future in the WWF but rumored personal issues could become his undoing.

In the Co-Main Event it was a battle of the giants, as King Kong Bundy defeated Andre the Giant (B) in a match that defied the odds and was surprisingly decent despite each mans limitations. WWF had big money on their hands with a potential Andre/Hulk match but decided to go in another direction.

The Main Event saw Hulk Hogan retain his WWF World Title by defeating "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (B) after giving him the Big Leg. The match was very solid thanks to a lively crowd but it felt like it was missing something.

Overall it was a decent show (B) that did not live up to the hype, but people most likely got their money's worth regardless.

CWA Provides Early Match of the Year Candidate

CWA held their biggest show of the month, Defiance, in front of 3400 fans in Georgia. The Main Event was an incredibly bloody affair that saw Austin Idol retain his AWA Southern Heavyweight Title over Jerry Lawler (A). One CWA wrestlers who asked to remain anonymous said the match was "Fucking brutal, just amazing!".

WCCW Draws Big

Almost 8000 people filled up the Kansas City Municipal Arena to watch Kevin Von Erich beat The Spoiler (B) to retain the WCCW World Heavyweight Title. The rest of the show was relatively unspectacular but regardless, the Main Event delivered.

AWA Disappoints

The AWA has had some renewed life thanks to new financial backing, but their March Supercard failed to keep the companies momentum. Despite an okay Main Event that saw Nick Bockwinkel defeat Jerry Blackwell (B-) to retain the AWA World Heavyweight Title, nothing else was better than average. Still, continued push of Shawn Michaels has people in the company excited about the future.

PNW Supremacy saved by Rip

PNW's month end show, Supremacy, took place in front of 1600 fans in Washington. The show was generally a dud but was saved by Rip Oliver who pulled a good match out of The Grappler (C) retaining the NWA Pacific Heavyweight Title in the process.
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