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Wednesday, Week 1, April 1987
Live from the CO - Tour Inline Hockey Arena (Mid West)
459 People -- Sellout

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Iceman King Parsons defeated Tim Horner in 10:57 by pinfall with a Jumping Clothesline (D-)

In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Buddy Roberts defeated Sid Steele in 7:53 by pinfall with a DDT (D-)

Sting and Rick Steiner come out to the ring to let everyone know that they are the new breed of professional wrestlers and no one in the back can match their power and intensity. They promise to make waves in the UWF tag team division (D-)

Ted DiBiase comes out prior to the Main Event and says that on Power Pro Wrestling he and Big Bubba Rogers came together and showed just how good they are as a team. As a result, DiBiase promises that after beating Chris Adams tonight and Rogers beating Terry Taylor at this weeks PPW that Dibiase and Rogers will become #1 contenders for the tag team titles (D)

In a bout that had a good crowd and good action, Ted DiBiase defeated Chris Adams in 24:37 by submission with a Million Dollar Dream after a distraction from Big Bubba Rogers (C-)

Show Rating: D+

A solid show that didn't cost us too much to run.
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