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Kyrie Irving wins Rookie of the Year, and I really liked his play this season, and he and Derrick Williams both make All-Rookie 1st Team.

Mr. Danbert is thrilled when we sit down for our end of the year meeting. Not only did we give this city hope again, but the Heat didn't win the title either. To be honest, I'm not really sure which one pleased him more.

So as we enter our third season, we really need to find a go-to scorer, either via trade or free agency. This draft is very weak, so I don't expect much out of it.

I forgot to list who we worked out before the draft started. San Antonio approaches us with a deal for Travis Leslie, they offer us James Anderson. I like their offer and then notice that they have the 12th overall pick, so I add SF Fernando Van Hook and our 1st round pick and have them add their 12th and 42 selections.

We come out of the draft with 6'8" SF Mike Oster, he was the best guy available with an A in scoring. We grabbed 5 or 6 project players in the 2nd round. I'll probably retain their rights and let them play in Europe and see if they develop.

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