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Our opening day roster:
PG Kyrie Irving
SG Aaron Brooks
SF Derrick Williams
PF Troy Murphy
C Marc Gasol
6th: SG/SF Mike Ostler
7th PF/C Marcus Camby
8th SF/PF/C Boris Diaw
9th SG/SF Arron Afflalo
10th SG/SF Corey Brewer
11th SG/SF James Anderson
12th PG Jerome Randle
13th C Omer Asik

SF/PF Kyle McCoy
PF Jeremy Tyler

We open the season with on a 12-4 clip, highlighted with a win over Miami on the road and are tied with Milwaukee for first in our division and with Miami for top overall record in the conference.

Indiana 118-100 W
@ Boston 102-90 L
Dallas 107-99 L
@ Miami 119-105 W
@ Chicago 115-106 L
Oakland 99-88 W
Chicago 121-93 W
Atlanta 119-98 W
Houston 108-93 W
Detroit 111-81 W
@ Phoenix 103-88 W
@ OKC 105-91 W
@ Clippers 114-85 W
@ Denver 113-94 W
@ Minnesota 89-86 W
@ San Antonio 116-92 L

I'm not terribly thrilled with Brooks starting, I'd much rather him come in off the bench, but for now it's hard to argue with Rudy T's madness.

Team Leaders:
Aaron Brooks 18.1
Kyrie Irving 16.9
Marc Gasol 15.3
Derrick Williams 12.6
Troy Murphy 11.4
Arron Afflalo 10.3

Marc Gasol 12.4
Troy Murphy 7.7
Derrick Williams 5.8

Kyrie Irving 6.6
Aaron Brooks 5.1

We've also made some improvements in ball security, we've improved from 29th to 12th in TOPG, I hope we continue to climb, would love to be in top 8.

We close out the month of December with a 22-8 record.

@ Philadelphia 98-88 W
Philadelphia 103-100 W
@ Indiana 107-88 L
Washington 95-89 W
New Jersey 100-91 W
@ Dallas 115-93 W
Toronto 121-93 W
@ Charlotte 82-71 W
Lakers 102-94 L
@ Boston 104-96 L
Minnesota 126-120 W
@ Milwaukee 122-90 L
@ Orlando 115-112 W
@ Atlanta 104-91 W

We're still tied for first in our division with Milwaukee and a game behind Miami for top overall record.

Team Leaders:
Aaron Brooks 18.6
Kyrie Irving 16.8
Marc Gasol 16.3
Troy Murphy 11.7
Derrick Williams 11.6
Arron Afflalo 7.9

Marc Gasol 11.9
Troy Murphy 8.1
Derrick Williams 6.0

Kyrie Irving 7.0
Aaron Brooks 4.3

Our point guards might be the Dean Smith for Derrick Williams.
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