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Originally Posted by Narcizo View Post
Suggests you consider yourself too good a village to be getting an early day one 2nd vote (I thought). Maybe you just meant that anyone putting a second vote on someone at this stage was suspect, which I disagree with strongly.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. And yeah, it's what passes for a joke around my way.

No I consider Danny too good for a D1 vote. I thought I was pretty clear why the guy who voted me was sketchy. He seemed to be afraid I would slip UTR which IMO is laughable. Neither of them IMO were/are good votes.

Granted it is D1, but that would be like me stepping in and voting Hoops b/c he is illogical. It just doesn't make any sense as a voting basis.
Originally Posted by McSweeny
Because you know it takes sound strategy to get killed repeatedly on day one right?
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