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Crete and Thrace fight a little. Again, Athens only supports 1, so Thrace is going to lose 3 more. Thrace had 5 there, which is an odd number. Looks like they might have been trying to build a city, but fell one short -- there's a post where Warhammer and I complain about the interface being screwy. Be sure to check that you've got 6 where you want to have 6, guys. But maybe I'm missing something, since Crete did attack -- why would they attack a territory with 5 in it?

Some context here: Crete and I (Thrace) have been coexisting in Athens for several turns. He landed some units there the same round I moved some in and we've both basically been just leaving it at that ever since. Every round we each have two, drop down to one each and leave it at that.

This turn I had extra units down in that area, so I decided to clear Athens out. I know moving 5 isn't a necessary move but those units were just going to die off as surplus population. So I just moved them all there--Crete had a move after me, so I wanted to make sure they didn't decide to move in more units.
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