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Originally Posted by CrimsonFox View Post
Oh is that why I can't do anything? It goes to the page for advances.
It shows money from cards but also says I have 0 dollars. I'm not sure how to change cards into cash. Are we just not at that point yet?

That's not why -- furrball has since left the market, and we resolved the only calamity we had, which was Treachery.

We're at the point where you should be able to buy advances. I think it should automatically take you to the advance purchase page. If not, click on 'advances' at the top. The page should have all the advances on the left, and near the bottom of the middle, it should say:

Unspent cash: $XX Cash from Trade Cards: $XX Treasury: $8

Are you saying some of those say 0? You should be able to click on an advance (or multiple advances) and add it to the shopping cart at this stage, then you pay for it with cards and treasury on the next page, after you click Done.
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