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Wow, &#@% is getting real already.

I think simplest assumption is that all are villagers, Vaimes thought he had a read on Font, and was rather sure she was a Duke, so figured there was little risk--it would at least help him with his minor win. You've got to assume there are going to be a handful of "well, this will be fun" moves in this game. Martin had to pick someone, so maybe he just figured Font was a possible target being so vocal, and hinting she was a Duke.

This is not to rule out more nefarious scenarios, but I think we get ourselves in a bad spot if we don't consider the more innocent possibilities. Unfortunately if everyone involved is a villager we have lost out on a shot and a save that could be useful towards endgame, so I hope villagers in general don't insist on making these kind of moves every day.
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