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Brian Swartz
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Rather bland in appearance, looks like he had some sort of bizarre mouth-shrinking surgery. Smells quite funny also.

Oh, that's not what you meant?

Good, talented athlete. Endurance isn't enough to be great, but it's enough to be successful. Probably because of this, his current technical attributes are good but not elite for his age.

I'll just pop one small bit of unsolicited advice: he's playing too many tournaments. Aside from that though, definitely a quality challenger player and should become more than that. A few months past his 22nd birthday and he's at 8.86, a rough guess is that he reaches 9.4-9.5 and is a solid Top 10 to Top 5 player at his apex depending of course on what other competition is out there. Good example of a guy who has some of everything, esp. athleticism. Not quite enough to really distinguish himself or be an all-time great, but still a very good player.
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