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Sure, but you don't need to play a ton of tournaments in order to do that. Even if you only play enough to keep your form above 15, you are still going to play 10-11 approximately a year. You can only count 18 at maximum in your ranking.

In my experience so far, the way it happens is basically that if you are good enough to be a consistent threat to win the big challengers(CH1 and CH+) then you will get yourself into the Top 32 even if you only play a dozen events a year or whatever. Playing more at that point will get you there a bit faster ... but not that much faster, and playing more also hurts your development overall since in regular tournaments you are winning most of your matches if you are entering the right events, and the loser gets the most experience. At the same level, in practice tournaments you will get a mix of wins and losses, and also have a much better guaranteed number of matches, allowing you to develop faster.

Everyone should do what they think is best, and I'm open to counter-arguments, but that's the way I approach it.
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