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My thoughts below.

For Trainers, they don't necessarily synergise well with practice weeks. Reason being that a player can sometimes be held out of matches if their fatigue is too high, and that can sometimes be anything in excess of 200, rather than the 300 theoretical cut-off.

What I've found is that I can only confidently use my trainer from Friday onwards after the last practice matches are done.

Trainers tend to be useful during tournament weeks where it is possible to maintain the 300 fatigue cap.

In theory, I suspect a good trainer might actually get you more xp than a practice week. Using Iker Gauba as an example, he gets Teo Rask about 19-21 xp each session and the fatigue cost is about 23-32 each time. If you start from 0 fatigue, that should theroretically allow me to get in between 22 to 24 sessions in a week, which would be about 428 to 456 xp. This is higher than what I normally get for a practice week unless it was a very good week in terms of number of matches and the quality of matches. The issue I face is the micro-management aspect of it in a faster world plus the fact you seldom start from such a Low fatigue level.

Bear in mind as well that Iker is only a 4.4 trainer so a 5.0 trainer would be even more effective I suspect.

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