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Right forgot to say that in my training bit about the defenders. Keep training their specialization the way we are now. When Jager and Schwarz are ready to choose make them both CDs, and Scepanik should be a DF. I'll hold off on Weibenfels until he becomes at least a D (or in case of an injury to Komolong a G) and then gets a Skill started and we'll wait on Doringer to hear if DavidCorperial and larrymcg421 want to play with a sweeper, if yes he becomes and SW if no he becomes a DF like Scepanik. None of these things should hold us up until we have to choose for Doringer.

I've usually played a flat back 5 without a Sweeper because it limits AI movement and makes it harder to get a one on one with the Keeper. But I've also had issues stopping Cannon Shot, which the Sweeper is very effective against. Since your the defensive coach, I'm fine with whatever you think is best.
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