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Ok then we're set! Thanks everybody. We'll streamline the process as we go, and it's also one of those things where it'll get easier as we get the roster formed up more and more. There'll be pretty frequent 'interruptions' right now for picking skills and whatnot. I also wanted to say that I'm excited about where this goes, as the lot of you have made some decisions already that are definitely not what I would have done. Of course, that's a big part of the fun.


** 3-year extension for F Mengele; 896
** 2-year extension for D Ortag: 528
** 1-year extension for Preiss: 15
** D Landeka is sold for 1190, to Wattenscheid. That's not a surprise; they buy players based on need and they're the club is most need of our drek. I'm going to measure the careers of players in two dimensions: profitability and achievement. We spent nothing on Landeka and he played in all 11 matches, with 1 tackle. He was one of the defenders who played more a positioning, supporting role than doing things to get himself in the stats. But he is the first to leave the club. Anytime someone does, they deserve to be honored with this:

Looks kinda sad, but he always looks that way. I'll try to keep up with our former charges from time to time and see how they're getting on with their new clubs. But the Stuttgarter Kickers are moving on from this guy.

** ? Maslanka signed for 157
** ? Zietz signed for 1040

That leaves a balance of 321 euros. DavidCorperial, I could use a position for Maslanka when you're ready. I'll make him an amateur mid for now since it seems obvious to put him somewhere in that area. Zeitz is going for DM as everyone discussed. The new transfer list:

Both players were replaced with guys we can't afford(unless we wanted to sell someone else of course). We had 18 players to start the year; now we have 20, with 3 in and 1 out. Here's the latest team photo as we start the second half of the 2018/19 season:

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