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7.28 Stuttgarter Kickers(0-0-1, 7th) vs. Energie Cottbus(1-0-0, 3rd)

This is one of our new recently-relegated and not particularly happy about foes. Two of the three won their first match which is not at all surprising. EC is coming at us with a 5-2-3 ... and one of the back line isn't even an amateur defender yet. I'm not saying we're going to score because that almost certainly won't happen, but there is a weakness there. Keeper's too good for us to really have a real threat though. There three forwards are in the 30s for accuracy, one has cannon shot and another has nutmeg. So I think we can stop them, but we'll definitely want to deploy a full defense and even then it's not assured.

G Komolong
D Ortag/Abruscia/Scepanik/Schwarz/Jager/Weibenfels
M Muller D/Zeitz
F Jedin/Wachter

We'd be better off with Doringer in there, but that's always going to be the case -- everyone's gotta sit sometime.

On their first possession, they tried to take it up the left wing. Abruscia made a risky tackle attempt here. We didn't have time to get anyone there to press; if we don't tackle they'll probably get a decent shot, same as if we fail. In retrospect I might have been better having Muller D, the closest midfielder, come back and press … but it's one of those choices that could go badly either way. He failed(with what their player is named the jokes write themselves here), they passed it through our defense and scored on a cannon shot. The rest of the half went better, and they got a corner early in the second for another attempt right in front, but Komolong made the save on that one. A key tackle by Schwarz got possession back in time for us to clear it to midfield. Right now he's our best in that kind of situation at 22 defense.

And then a lob pass went over our defense, missed the target ... but went to another of their forwards, who scored on an angled shot that Komolong should have stopped, but didn't. Our luck at keeping the ball out of the goal is decidedly crap early on in this season.

Energie Cottbus 2, Stuttgarter Kickers 0

68% possession against, 3-1 tackles, the corner kick, 5-0 shots ... not a whole lot went our way. So pretty much I worked on getting activity to Jedin and Zeitz.

Levels for Schwarz(9), Muller D(4), and Wachter(3).

*** Muller D
** Schwarz
* Abruscia

Zeitz is now an Amateur Midfielder(M). So it's time for another choice. Coach larrymcg421, this one's for you ...

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