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8.4 TSV Halvese(1-0-1, 4th) vs. Stuttgarter Kickers(0-0-2, 8th)

Halvese has two forwards with Cannon Shot, and a third with enough control(21) to dribble through our defensive line potentially. They also look the most vulnerable to us scoring ...

G Komolong
D Ortag/Abruscia/Scepanik/Schwarz/Doringer/Weibenfels
M Tunjic/Hirsch
F Pfeiffer/Jedin

So there's a long-shot chance we might be able to get a tally out of Pfeiffer.

Schwarz and Doringer each blocked a shot in the first half as they quickly penetrated the center of our defensive line(Weibenfels) but never managed to get a shot through to the goal. It was scary as they were able to get a couple forwards quickly into the box, limiting Doringer's movement, but lacking any particularly good passers they couldn't take advantage.

In the second half we got Pfeiffer a shot but their defenders intercepted and that was that. One of their forwards dribbled through Weibenfels again, this time beating Doringer and a poor save effort by Komolong. He's really been stinking it up overall this year and it cost us a point today.

TSV Halvese 1, Stuttgarter Kickers 0

Level-up only for Weibenfels(4).

Hirsch is now a Universal Midfielder(MF), and Schwarz a Central Defender(CD). That's our first for both of those classes. Both players get a 2-level boost to Level 11 now.

Balance: 38(+30)

4.11 Stuttgarter Kickers(0-0-3, 7th) vs. Alemannia Aachen(1-0-2, 6th)

We're actually just below-average in terms of goals allowed, and frankly three of the four have been unfortunate concessions; at least one if not two of them should have been stopped. Our defense is ok, but we have a very small chance of scoring or none at all so there's just zero margin for error on the back line. AA has the worst keeper in the league but a decent sweeper, so it's unlikely that trend changes. Dribbling into the teeth of our defense like Halvese did is their main threat with three forwards once again, but they don't have quite as much accuracy. I can see them scoring against us, but we definitely have a chance to hold them out.

G Komolong
D Ortag/Abruscia/Scepanik/Jager/Doringer/Weibenfels
M Hirsch
F Jedin/Mengele/Tiel

Mengele sees his first action of the year, the last player to get out there.

This is what masquerades as a 'great chance' for this team. It's actually our best opportunity to score of the year. It's easily blocked by their sweeper, and later in the half they dribble past Absruscia, shooting through the rest of our defense and scoring. It's the third 17 Komolong has rolled, which is well below-average for him. I don't know what his problem is right now, and he only needed a 19 to stop that one. Doringer blocks a couple shots in the second half to keep it from getting any worse.

Alemannia Aachen 1, Stuttgarter Kickers 0

At least the second match we deserved to get a draw out of I think. 68% possession against, and we did well most of the time. But it only takes one lapse ...

Jedin(3) is the only level-up.

*** Doringer
** Hirsch
* Ortag

Mengele is our first Central Forward(CF), and moves up to Level 10.

** Balance: 143(+105)
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