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The 4th week of March

Well, the 3 of us are in pretty good spirits and looking forward to what tonight might bring. There hasn’t been any really big news in boxing and no new title fights have been announced. I wouldn’t notice anyway since all of my effort has been going into Omar to make sure that he is ready in his boxing debut this week. His training has been going better than Lawerence’s did, but he could have used a lot more time in the gym. I was just really anxious to get him into the ring.

This week’s fight is a scheduled 4 rounder and it is against another rookie fighter by the name of Marcos Solano. Solano bears a resemblance to Lack in that he lacks the power to hurt Acevedo, but makes up for it with aggressive fighting and good accuracy. He has a good chin, and I would like to take advantage of his average defense.

Omar does not have a good chin, nor is he overly aggressive. What he does have however is quick reflexes, good defense and good power, combined with accurate punching. I will have him going backward in this fight and tell him to counter. Hopefully, he will be able to control the fight this way and maybe land some big shots after Solano leaves himself open.

The bookies have Omar as a 1-2 favorite while Solano is at 7/4. I will have some money on Omar, but like I said, I hate to see my young fighters go against the unknown.
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