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General Manager Notes: Finally, division champions, but we have bigger goals...
5 seasons went by without it. Yes, we reached the playoffs twice, but a division title wasn't our route to the post-season. Until today, week 15 of the 2085 season. We've finally claimed our 31st division crown!

We're still wobbly, we forgot to take a big lead against the Brooklyn Fightin' Bums (yup, we lost yet another close home game), cruised past the Snapfinger Jazz, failed to stop the Chesapeake Chitterlings' passing game and today completed the sweep of the Gothenburg Giants, mathematically they were the last standing rival for the division title.

European Division standings:
1. Maassluis 8-6
2. Bordeaux 5-9
3. Gothenburg 5-9
4. Paris 3-11

Yeah, the division is incredibly bad this season. It won't be the worst ever: in 2021 the European division won 22 games, this season the minimum will be 23. But it will most likely be the worst since that campaign, in which we finished 5-11 far behind the Gothenburg Giants, who won the last four straight en route to their division title with an 8-8 overall record.

With the division locked up and a bye week out of reach (we're 3 wins behind the top two teams in the AOC), we have very little to play for in the last two games. Well, third seed looks more appealing than sixth seed, that's for sure...

Does it matter? Not really, we have bigger goals, despite having lost our left tackle Nathan Hadinger and safeties Alexander Marty and Rex McIndoe. We want to live up to the hype of being pre-season favorites. We severely choked that opportunity twice already, so far we're struggling to live up to it this season as well, but there are some positive signals that we're better than our record. Yeah, I've said that before, but aside from believing it, we really are!

Yes, I still believe in this team. Go Merchantmen!
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