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Award finalists are out now - I've included everyone who is Pac 10 or on our schedule this year:

QB - Victor Glover (CAL), LaShaun Sharpe (USC)
HB - Derrick Brown (UCLA), Eddie Treu (STAN), Todd Vereb (USC)
WR - Derek Johnson (USC), Jerome Kulbacki (CAL), Joe Sherman (USC)
TE - Dexter Mann (PITT), John VanDyke (ORE), TE Jim Withrow (PITT)
OL - Sammy Linton (OSU), Tom Tolbert (ORE)
DL - Ben Hayes (ORE), Ben Logan (USC), Damien Tate (ARI)
LB - Shawn Michel (CAL), Glenn Murphy (WSU), Robert Nix (CSU)
DB - John Nottingham (ORE)
K - None
P - Gary Bell (PITT), Tremayne Frisch (OSU), Sonny Thomas (ASU)
Return - Derek Johnson (USC), Merlin Kunz (WAS)
POY - Victor Glover (CAL), LaShaun Sharpe (USC), Todd Vereb (USC)
DPOY - Shawn Michel (CAL), Damien Tate (ARI)
Coach - Steve Gilmore (WSU), Monte Simmons (USC)

Glad to see that Derrick made the final cut at his position, even if he won't win the award. Too many guys that I recruited at USC on that list. And their new coach - lets see if he is there in four years when my recruits are gone
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