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Originally Posted by hoopsguy View Post
I'm guessing you will not be in Ohio much longer if you finish the season with the form you are showing lately.

I am definitely ready to accept almost any power conference job that were to open up. I would most likely take a job in one of the 'large' conferences as well, A-10 or Mountain West or whatever. My coach is nowhere near the level of most of the coaches in the higher level leagues though, which is partially why I'm itching so badly to get into the top 25, hoping that I don't choke in the MAC tourney and clean up a Coach of the year award finally, etc.

Roy Williams has not yet retired in my game, the only thing that could keep me from making the jump is if it appeared like I had a legit shot at getting the UNC job when Roy retires. Right now I'm guessing the odds of that are around 0% though.

Thanks for the comments all, such a great game
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