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We sim a key home game against Akron and complete the season sweep:

Feb 14, 2015

at Ohio 57
Akron 41

House leads us with 14, Bright with 13. No one else scores more than 6. We take a 35-16 lead in the first half and just slow it down the rest of the way apparently. Ugly game!

Northern Illinois totally wastes their win over us, losing a home game to Kent State to end the week. Here's the top of the current mid-major poll:

1. Nevada (22-2)
2. Ohio (18-6)
3. Utah State (21-5)
4. San Diego (20-7)
5. North Texas (19-4)
6. Hofstra (19-7)
7. Pepperdine (18-8)
8. N. Illinois (19-5)
9. VCU (19-8)
10. Gonzaga (18-7)
14. Akron (15-8)
20. Kent State (14-8)

I love seeing 4 MAC teams up on this list. After a few seasons where the MAC was rated below a couple of the "small" conferences, its very rewarding to see the improvement. The MAC is currently the #11 conference in the country. That's ahead of a "major" conference, C-USA, and only behind the WAC(#10) and WCC (#8) as far as mid-majors go.

Also, I check out Bracketology which I think is just out for the first time this week. We are projected as an 8 seed!!! We can't afford to go losing a lot more games or anything, but if we can finish strong we appear to have a solid lock on an at large bid. Northern Illinois is one of the many midm-majors currently filling up the bubble watch. Hofstra and San Diego both are as well.

And lastly, with 4 games remaining, the MAC Standings:

1. Ohio 10-2
2. Kent State 9-3
3. N. Illinois 8-4
4. Miami OH 8-4
5. Akron 7-5
6. Toledo 7-5
7. Ball State 6-6
8. Buffalo 4-8
9. Bowling Green 4-8
10. E. Michigan 4-8
11. C. Michigan 4-8
12. W. MIchigan 1-11

its a bad year to be a directional Michigan school.

Our final four games:

at E. Michigan
vs Miami OH
at Ball State
at C. Michigan

we'll be simming the 1st and 4th, playing the 2nd and 3rd. In fact, lets sim the 1st now:

Feb 17,2015

Ohio 80
at E. Michigan 76

House with 21, Mendoza 13, Lamkin 12. Cooper shoots 2-11 and scores 6 points.

That was our only game for the week of the 16th. On to the week of the 23rd:

Mid-Major Poll:

1. Nevada
2. Ohio
3. San Diego
4. Utah State
5. Pepperdine
8. N. Illinois
19. Akron
23. Kent State

Akron and Kent State both lose this week. We have a 2 game lead in the loss column of the conference standings again.

We fall to a 9 seed in bracketology. Hah! In this weeks pairings we'd play San Diego. Northern Illinois is actually slated as an 11 seed. Go go at large bids from the MAC!

Whew, ok, that was a lot of crap in this writeup. Back to the games. We host Miami OH this week. We beat them on the road earlier in the year, lets finish them off.
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