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Originally Posted by Radii View Post
Rule Change:

I'm turning backcourt violations off. Assuming it doesn't impact gameplay any, I'll probably leave it off. I *love* running the 3/4 court press. It seems to have been exactly what i needed to get a perfect pace to my games. But 2-3 times a game, the pressure occurring at half court randomly forces the opposing team's PG to step over the line. I'm sure anyone who has the game knows what I mean. Since I don't let the CPU do this to me, this has become an unfair advantage and the two solutions seem to be to not press, or turn off backcourt violations. We'll see if it impacts anything else. Backcourt violations for any reason other than this occur maybe once every 7-8 games at the most, so I suspect it'll be fine.

Very good idea!
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