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Boats & Ladders

The two tribes assemble for a challenge for the first time in this season of Survivor. Starting on their own beaches, across the bay from each other, each tribe waits for the call and then bursts into action. Their first task, build a boat that will help them reach the center of the bay where a lit torch awaits them.

All seven tribe members help, taking the vines, bamboo, coconuts and other materials that have been assembled for them and attempting to form it into a craft. The task is clearly a challenge for some, while others jump right into fashioning something. Both beaches are filled with the sounds of the tribe members calling to each other heatedly, grabbing at materials and directing each other, sometimes to contradictory effect.

The Villagers are the first to make some progress, their boat taking shape while the Werewolves are still attempting to find an initial structure. While Hoopsguy is at a loss and contents himself to back on the villager beach, handing materials to others as he can, the others seem to get on the same page, Darth Vilus and Chesapeake leading the design and getting the raft finished.

The Werewolves struggle to keep up the pace, J23, Jackal and Greyroofoo all getting their hands into the construction, but the others less sure how to proceed. Things seem dire as the Villagers are pulling far ahead, but SnDvls pulls the group together keeping the various builders from going in different directions and lining the materials up for them. With his efforts the Werewolves get their craft into the water only shortly after the Villagers.
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