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That's no problem at all. Like I said, I am fine with waiting, too. Just figured I would make sure I was on the list somewhere.

Glad to be locked into #2 for now, since that means I will have to wrap some of the little details in my game.

Just a little warning, I am likely to be moving in the next 2-3 weeks. For obvious reasons, that can cause Internet outages for a few days, as I transition over to a new place. If as CW's game is wrapping up, I see that moving will happen right in the middle of the time frame of my game, I will need to be pushed back. So #3 (Crimson Fox), you should be ready to go.

In fact, CF, is this your first game run here? If so, I think it would be smarter for me to let you go ahead of me anyway, if that's okay, Autumn. Not only does it get me out of the moving window, but I am sure CF is anxious to run his game, whereas I have run a handful of games already.

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