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1 April, 1530 – We sent out our explorer from Rio after it returned safely and I hire a new explorer.

1 May - I order a Naval Manufactory in Qadis for it’s Naval Supplies

10 June – I order 10k troops in Braganca

1 July – Tropical Wood in Rio. Sad. Missed opportunity for some good stuff there.

22 Aug – Our truce with Aragon lifts.

21 Nov – Sebtah is now Andalusian!

I order a culture change in Burtuqal (Porto) and Beiras.

1 Jan, 1531 –

Pernambuco – 14 dev, Cocoa, Drylands, natural harbor, corner of Brazil, Sunni and Andalusian makes us 1.11 monthly.

My next colonial target is Sergipe, south of Alagoas

1 Feb – I claim Ponteverde from Castile

12 Feb – Aragon declares war on Castile.

1 Mar – I can see France colonizing in Colombia, as well as English in North America.

1 May – I order a Textile Manufactory in Qurtuba

8 July – We find a route to Cibola, one of the seven cities of gold and begin to pursue it!

1 Aug – I order many more troops in Braganca.

1 Dec – Off Idea - +20% Land Force Limit.

My new land limit is 95 regiments!
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