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12 Jan, 1547 – Salmanika converts!

1 Feb –

We have annexed Tlemcen!

We annexed –

Here I zoomed in for you. You can see the capital, which is their best holdings by far.

Berber is one of my accepted cultures, along with Andalusian, by the by

Tlemcen - As you can see, this Highlands, cloth, castle, Mosque, workshop, marketplace, center of trade with 21 dev and cash development is next to Tunis. I am moving my army here.

The High Atlas you see between Tlemcen and Figuig is actually impassible, so they are not connected.

Figuig – Sunni, Berber, livestock with a farm estate and Highlands, 6 dev, 0.66 made here monthly, Mosque,

Oujda – Highlands, Sunni, Berber, Mosque, Marketplace, Workshop, next to Tlemcen and Flex in Morocco (it’s capital), 11 dev, wool, 0.45 made here.

Oran – Where my fleet is parked, 10 dev, Drylands, Sunni, Algerian culture, Shipyard, Mosque, Workshop, I order a textile manufactory here for my cloth trade. It’s making us 0.69.

Mers el Kabir – 14 dev, cloth, coastal, Sunni, Algerian, 0.37 made here, Shipyard, Workshop, Mosque, I order a cultural shift to Berber.

We got 10 ships and 7000 troops as well.
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