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23 Mar – Aveiro is now Andalusian!

I order the same at El-Balat, Avila, and Tulaytullah

1 May – Sugar in Rio Branco

1 Aug – Brittany is in Curacao now after Puerto Rico finished.

I fabricate a claim in PR

1 Oct – Now Curacao Is claimed

My peace with Aragon ends in two years in Oct 1551.

I cannot start wars while under a Regency Council.

I fire my military adviser and hire a level 3 one in order to get to the next level of tech before the war begins.

Our ruler is 9 so I need someone to wage war on me, or an ally for whom I want to join their war.

1 Jan, 1550 – The next institution arrives – the printing press, which began in Antwerpen.

1 Feb – We gain the Tobacco trading bonus

We lost our level three ADM adviser. I go to my clergy and recruit a level 3 minister who will cost 25% fewer to hire and to upkeep.

1 Sept – The Cape is found to be good with the growing of grain

19 Oct – I get a Rush of Colonists event and our colony development time increases for a few years.

11 Nov – France is now in Jamaica for their next colony.
22 Feb, 1551 – We finish some more ships.

1 June – ADMIN TECH 13 – We get +2% production

1 Aug – MIL TECH 13 - We get better artillery. I upgrade ours.

1 Oct – Our truce is up.
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