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5 Jan, 1593 – Scrappy Aragon won another war in Northern Italy and annexed some land there.

1 Mar – West Timor with Spices just like East Timor was.

2 April – Our Hajj caravans were raided! We lose prestige and legitimacy

1 Aug – Our DIP adviser the Navigator passes. I grab a level 3 Diplomat who increases our international reputation

I also have my clergy, the Ulema, to again commit to new world missions to help with the locals

17 Dec – Sokoki and Rio de la Plata have both converted to the one true faith!

I order manufactories in Sokoki and

1 Mar, 1594 – I pull my colonists from Benguela and send them next door to Luanda. This will bring me next to Kongo. It is in the same state and Benguela and St. Helena, so it’s already en-stated, so its free infrastructurally.

18 Mar – We kill the natives in Luanda

I want to start filling out states I already have invested in, including the Indian Ocean island Mahe, in the same state and Mauritius and Ile de Bourbon, and the rest of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, which, up until now, I’ve left vacant for others to slide into.

I have not colonized like I did with Athens where I colonized defensively. Here, save for a few in Brazil or Colombia, I haven’t been grabbing evevything external first. Europe was free to swing around Africa to Asia or around South America to the same and they haven’t. I took out two historical colonial nations, although they were here as well. We also have me occasionally taking colonial additions to my queue, such as Jamaica, Bermuda, Rio de la Plata, Cumana, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Sao Tome, and of course The Azores and such.

1 April –

– Naval Supplies, 3 Dev, Hills, Inland, part of the same state of Maine as Androscoggin, Andalusian, Sunni, 0.13 made here

I do not expand in New England or such right now.

In my previous dynasty, seeing England next to Maine right now, I’d jump next to them and block them.

Instead, I am going and doing things different. I didn’t go to New England to stop England, I went here for Missisquoi. Which I have. Now I’ll likely expand in a few places so I can build a colonial nation and then build it, but I’m not playing defense.

28 April – Missisquoi is now a core and I send in a missionary to her

1 Aug – The first of the Garnatah Treasure Fleets from South America arrive!

27 Aug - I have killed the natives in Cayenne

1 Sept – Cayenne is with fish

27 Sept – I pull my colonists from Whydah and send them to Massachusetts, a big area for a colonial base.
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