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1 Jan, 1597 –

West Timor – 9 dev, grasslands, Spices, Sunni, And, I order a trade station, 0.66 made here currently

22 Mar – We get an event that causes me to lose 100 DIP power o r a stability. I choose the power

17 Oct – Our ruler passes. His son is just 11 so we are having a Regiceny Council

1 Nov – The Turks ask us to join their war against Venice, The Knights, and Tuscany, and I agree

18 Dec – We capture Ferrara

2 Jan, 1598 – I begin a siege in Firenze of Tuscany

31 Jan, We have taken every province other than Venice itself

22 April – We capture Firenze

29 Apr – Peace for our allies

30 June – I get an event that gives me an almost full spy network against Holland, and I use it to fabricate three claims in the new world

1 July – Bonny with Tropical Wood
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