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I like the current interface more than 2k4, but it's quite tricky at times. For example, it's not necessarily obvious that if you have 46% for running on 1st and 10 and for 3rd and 5, you'll be using the formations for "slight passing" in both. Now this isn't necessarily a problem, but it might be. It can be hard to do the basic gameplan and relate it to the formation screens.

I would really support the wizard idea, more than just the current recommend option. But too much control would make it even harder for the casual player.

I'd to be able to define my hurry up and clock drain offenses, plus the same on defense. We all know that there are some flaws in the logic there. A screen to set what we want to do in those situations would be ideal.

In general I think we all need to acknowledge that FOF is and is supposed to be a sim of football.
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