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Malcpow summed up very well, my feelings.

Ben E Lou made a good observation about creating stock gameplans like the "West Coast" offense or--for defense--the "Cover-2".

But team's shouldn't switch from a West Coast offense in Week 1 to a Run and Shoot offense in Week 2. Not in real football, anyway. These are things that should realistically be set in training camp and by the coaches and coordinators. You pick what style you want and you get more of that during the game.

Then, with sliders, you "gameplan" your style. Enhance it to take advantage of perceived weaknesses or if the defense is really geared to shut down a "West Coast" offense (or has in the past) you can use the gameplan sliders to try and hide (as was already mentioned) or go away from it AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Jim mentions that football is far more complex than "rock, paper, scissors" and I agree. But ultimately, the gameplanning shouldn't be. A head to head matchup should be an attempt to exploit your opponents weaknesses, almost in a "rock, paper, scissors" styled framework.

Designing a gameplanning technique that allows you to "see" your basic strategy vs your opponents perceived basic strategy and tweak from there is the ultimate FOF gameplanning question.

Good topic/question.

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