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My team or my life. My team or my life. This isn't the kind of decision you make with a magic 8-ball. So, ignoring everything I hold dear for the sake of everything else I hold dear...I team! The Rebels shelled out big contracts to Randy Stockman, Dave Chambliss, C.J. Atkins. We're bringing them all back, baby!

Furthermore, we renogiated big bonuses to Marco Turtschin and Toby Porter. They can take my life, but they can't have my Rebels!

Unfortuntately, paying the faces of the Rebels cost us the arms and legs. Our Offensive was decimated in free agency.

Rookie Draft:
Rnd 1 - Pat Branch, S, Maryland
Rnd 2 - Tommy Armour, C, Boston University
Rnd 3 - Karl Wiggins, K, North Texas
Rnd 4 - Sedrick Thompson, S, West Virginia
Rnd 5 - Broderick Mascorella, TE, Southern Methodist
Rnd 6 - Matthew Clancy, T, Arizona State
Rnd 7 - Antonio Guest, C, South Florida

What great timing for one of the Rebels' greatest draft classes ever! Pat Branch at the end of the first round proved to be an all-around safety ready to start off the bat. Karl Wiggins easily replaced our overpriced kicker. But best of all, seventh-round Antonio Guest shocked everyone by far-exceeding his estimated talent and anchoring the Rebel O-line for years. In all my experience as a GM, I'd never seen a player break out so suddenly, so strongly. Our star CB Toby Porter was a 5th-rounder who took a few years to show what he could do. Guest didn't wait a few weeks.

The O-line was still a bit thin, so we looked for a tough, reliable replacement for Spencer Knowles. In the leftovers of the free agency market, we saw Neil Fenyhough yet unclaimed. Fenyhough had been Knowles' backup a few years back, and to be honest, we didn't think he ever had a fair chance to prove his worth. I decided to give him his shot.

Now. How exactly was I planning on staying alive again?
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