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I finish the preseason with a 1-3 record but all of the losses were close. McElroy is out for a few weeks with a broken foot. That’s he’s third injury in less than a year that takes him out for some time. That may be a blessing, as he won’t be demanding playing time as a result.

In the first game of the year we crush the Giants 27 – 3 . Jack Yoo goes 15 for 18 for 233 yards including a 70 TD to Jerry Reeves. Torres rushed for 2 TDs on the day. I have to reduce the carries Jack Fling gets, however, he got 20 for 34 yards. I need to up Torres’s carry count. DE Peter Hill had 3 sacks and was player of the game. He was the NFL Defensive Player of the Week, but he has to sit out next game because of a minor injury. A good first game.

Is it signs of things to come?
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