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I think the bonus point (and not having won a challenge yet) may irk the other team into putting more effort out today, at least in one fighter.

So I would recommend that whoever is paired with Imada should put up a fair amount of points, maybe in a range of 50-70? We'll take the risk on that, having one guy tired. Then, yeah, lay it down for the other two.

I wouldn't set the pairings as all-out, all-out, Imada, lay down, though. That's probably what the other team will do as well. We should mix it up.

Maybe go in the order of lay-down, all-out, all-out, Imada. If the other team sticks with all-out, all-out, mixed and lay down, that matchup pairing gives us a 2-1 advantage, with the fourth pairing being a match between all-out pairs (so probably cancel each other out).

I agree with Danny to go aggressive on the all outs. I would stay in the middle for the Imada team, and passive for the lay down. You have to think that while aggressive may help win the challenge faster, it's also more likely to lead to injury (and maybe add to fatigue as well).

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