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No problem, EF, I know it's a puzzle. That's what appealed to me. At first blush it seems impossible, and yet I can see games going on at other sites every day using these rules. And the wolves don't always win. Consider, for one thing, that the wolves never know if the seer has been killed, or the bodyguard. They also don't know, if a seer reveals, if it truly is the seer or just a villager bluffing.

I should also point out a couple things that will be different than our typical games. One is that it's possible there will be more than one priest or seer, that's part of how the village is balanced against the wolves, depending on numbers. Another is that once numbers are finalized everyone will be told exactly which roles are in the game, how many, including how many wolves. So while roles aren't revealed, it's very explicit what's in the game.
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