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There's some other stuff that can help you out. On top, there's a "public message" window. You can type in there what you want, and what you have. You probably don't want to mention if you have any calamities, of course. If you look on the right, some people have already created a public message, so you can see what they want and what they have. There's also a link to email each person, too, so you can work out whatever deals you want in private. Or you can use some kind of IM, or even this thread -- I mean, playing the actual board game, we'd theoretically all be sitting at the same table, so it's not like we need to expect a ton of privacy. We can all start trading now, but I believe that no trading has occured. You'll get an email when two other people make a trade, unless you've left the market, by selecting Done in the upper right corner. Leaving the market is not final -- you can get back in if you want, but once everyone has left, trading is done. This phase usually takes a long time because of the back-and-forth involved between people.
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