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Yep. So you've got 10 cards. You've got to decide to either spend some and buy an advance, or discard your two worst. Remember that you'll discard any calamities you have, too. But, with 10, if you've got a hides and an ochre, it might be worth losing those, so that you can keep your set of 3 or so, knowing that it in another round you can make it 5 or 6 with some trades.

It's also important (IMO) to look at the AST at this time. You're in the Early Bronze Age now, but in two rounds, you're going to be able to move into the Late Bronze Age, and to do that, you will need three different colors of civ cards. FTR, the cheapest way to do that is by buying Mysticism, which is considered both black and blue, and costs $50, plus either Pottery or Cloth Making, which are orange and cost $45. Those are the two cheapest civ cards, and Mysticism is especially nice since it's so cheap, and two different colors.
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