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I'm really, really torn right now. There is a chest in my room that I can't open unless I try to bash it (no guarantee to open it) but it requires a separate action which means I would have to stay through the move phase.

At the same token though, I want to go forward a room to see if someone has been there before or is there now. I figure given the number of rooms that I have access to that I should eventually run in to somebody OR be in a room that somebody else has been in.

IF I stay put, I'll bash the chest with one action, examine my scroll with another, sleep, and then I guess chill in the morning.

Right now I think I'm going to move forward a room to look for overlap and then I can come back the next day if need be.

Bhlloy, if you move and I move we double our chances of at least finding out where each other are. If you end up in the chest room, take a hack at it as I killed the snake that guards it.

Yeah this sounds good to me. No sense in one of us wasting a day on the off chance we might be facing each other. I'll head forward and see where I end up
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