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Originally Posted by Ben E Lou View Post
Looking forward to seeing you back at it, Subby!

ALL: I'm leaning heavily toward training for a half-marathon. The RunKeeper "Half Marathon Under 2:00" seems to start off close to where I am right now as a runner and I like that it's 5 days per week. I'd love to hear any of your thoughts on it.

I'm open to a "better" one. My main preference is that it's something that starts close to where I am now in terms of volume (30-35 miles per week).

it is fairly similar to the one that I am starting up next Monday. The only thing that I do not like on this runkeeper one is that on a few weeks it has the long runs as close to 40-50% of the weekly total miles which I have read can be a risk of injury. That miles per week is as important as miles on the long run and you don't want your long run to be more than 30-33% of your weekly miles to be safe from injury.

I think your training plan here has a little more speed work, while mine has a bit more base/mileage is the main difference. The bulk of it is roughly the same though.

From what I have seen, most of the half marathon plans are fairly similar in nature, so you'd probably be fine with most of them. The difference in what types of speed work or how you do it probably matter more for people who've run alot more than either of us is my guess.
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