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Yeah, Ben sent me a note separately, and my feedback was that I thought the RunKeeper plan he posted was too much running.

Subby and I have "talked" a lot about running over the years and he would probably argue that I fall more into the "run less" camp anyway, but it goes back to what I wrote earlier. Training is cumulative, but it does take time. I don't think launching into a 40+ mile plan (there were some hidden miles in the RK plan) is necessarily the way to jump into a half marathon.

I've used Hal Higdon's plans a decent amount. They are less mileage, particularly on non-hard days. The long days are fairly comparable.

The structure of those plans are pretty similar with a long run on the weekend, speed work, hills or tempo during the week, a run at race pace (shorter distance (say a 10-K if you are training for a half marathon)) and a couple of easy runs.
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