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USC squeaked by 31-27 at home against Oregon State. And Oregon stayed undefeated.

The defense was again solid, only allowing 309 yards and 10 points (7 came on the kick return).

We won the turnover battle 3-0. Rattay has been doing a much better job of protecting the football the last couple of games.

I messed up on the depth charts and allowed senior C Knight to start. He rewarded me with 2 sacks allowed.

3 more pancakes for McAddley, who is going to get himself some postseason honors for his efforts.

Our other OG, the often maligned Perryman, is having a solid season. He had 2 key run blocks and a pancake. And a false start, but I'm trying to focus on the positives with him now that he is giving me some positives.

J.R. Jackson isn't the return man he was last year, but he did provide two interceptions today.
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