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So here's how the final total stacked up. Jeffrey Davis was bankrolled at $52 million, needing just another $23 million to pay off his $75mil debt and get the family off his back. As I sat down to add up receipts and debts, I realized just how important it was that we didn't land homefield advantage. Try as hard as I could, I couldn't lose money. Instead, the Rebs brought in a net $20+ mil, $10 each for Jeffrey and me. I was pleased to have $77 million in my pocket, and Jeffrey was sitting at $62 mil, $13mil short of his payoff amount. Had I not worked so hard to cut profits, Davis would have easily won his gamble and paid off the Family. And with the sale of my 10% to the Family, Davis would have returned to controlling ownership--his 48% to my 39%.

If, however, Davis couldn't come up with the additional unlucky $13 Ms, he would be bound to fork over to the Family half of his stake. That would give Davis 24% of the team, the NFL 3%, the family 34%, and leave me with a 39% controlling interest. At least, that's what was SUPPOSED to happen. Before Davis disappeared.
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