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So, the team went 33-28 from the time I took over in July. I need to craft a strategy short of going out and spending on tons of players and bloating payroll -- though it's not out of the question -- to determine how we're going to get this club into contention year in and year out.

The first order of business is developing the farm system. We're going to get a developmental team in the Area Code Baseball league along with seven other clubs (Royals, Cubs, Bees, Yankees, Cardinals, Cyclones and Nationals)

Beyond that, I'm not certain. I want to get a lineup together that truly exploits the benefits of Dodger Stadium and uses it to our advantage, because well...I think it can be an asset.

I have no idea how I'll go about this,'s the plan I guess.

The draft will come back next season, so NCAA players will be subject to it and NCAA players only.

CL: $60 million
NL: $47.5 million
AL: $20 million

We actually lowered the cap. It was too high for CL teams to the point where they were clearly competing with MLB teams for talent at the top tiers and MLB owners were extremely opposed to this, so an adjustment in the amount of media revenue these teams were allocated happened. I think the game allows teams over the cap if they're already there, but won't let them sign anybody else.

In the CL, California, Chicago and Tampa barely (just 863k over) are affected.

In the NL and AL, it's not an issue.
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