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October 22, 2007
LOS ANGELES - D.C. Daly is on the move again. After just a half season at the helm of the Los Angeles Dodgers and saving the ballclub from relegation, club officials reportedly asked the 32-year old G.M. to resign.

No indication was given as to why the team asked him to quit or be dismissed, but, some reports indicate that the team's new owners never "seriously" considered keeping Daly on board past this year and that those who supported the move to sign him were "disconcerted" with moves he made, despite the fact that the team had a winning record in August and September with Daly at the helm.

Reportedly, ownership took exception to his refusal to a team mandate to shed nearly $20 million in payroll - most notably star outfielder Bobby Stewart, who still has three years and over $50 million on his deal. Stewart, along with prospect Harlan Minor and pitcher Paul Moneur were dealt to Nevada for five players on Saturday in a deal that was reported conducted directly by ownership of the two ballclubs.

Daly had no comment through his agent, but all indications are that the seeming journeyman GM is looking for a role that's "stable."

In seven years as a G.M., he's 637-425, winning the 2002 World Series with the Boston Yankees and the 2006 American League pennant with the Worcester Browns, who repeated in 2007 and will play 2008 in the National League.

His half-season with the Dodgers was his first time back in the bigs since 2004 with the Providence Bees, where he spent just one season.

October 28, 2007
"I'm not sure what's next. All I know is, I'm tired of living out of a suitcase," said D.C. Daly, who after spending nearly a decade in New England GMing the Yankees, Bees and Browns, headed to LA on a whim at mid-season to help rescue the Dodgers from relegation.

"I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish in a short period of time and grateful they were so interested in having me that they made me such a great offer. It just wasn't a good fit. Some jobs in the real world come with a six-month probationary period for a good reason and this wasn't one, but would a lot like that. I'm not sure I'm a west coast guy," said Daly.

When asked what's next and if he saw himself as the journeyman type, he laughed.

"I'm always in search of a challenge. But more than anything, I want to build something. I want to go somewhere, be there a decade or so and really be able to see stuff go from concept to completion. I haven't been able to do that yet and well...if I take another gig anytime soon, that'll be precisely what my plan is."
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