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November 9th, 2007

NC A&T (0-0) at #10 Duke (0-0)

We aren't exactly opening up with a winnable game, but I want my guys to get the chance to see what good players play like and hopefully they'll learn something.

17:30 1st - We pull out to a 4-0 lead early, we're taking our time on every posession, hoping to get Rush or Willis a look pretty much every time down.

11:00 1st - The expected Duke run occurs, as Duke goes on a 14-2 run and takes a 14-6 lead.

9:00 1st - Rush sinks two threes in a row and we only trail 14-12.

4:00 1st - Duke manhandles our reserves and takes a 22-12 lead.

We get our starters back in to end the half but it doesn't help any.

Duke leads 30-14 at the half. We only shoot 24%, getting 8 points from Rush, and 2 from a few other players. We did a decent job slowing Duke down, they only shot 40% themselves.

12:00 2nd - Duke continues to pull away and we won't be doing anything to stop it. 43-19 now and I'm resting my starters in the hopes that they can go the final 8 minutes or so.

7:00 2nd - Our backups just get owned. And really, while Willis is my best post player and should be a beast vs the MEAC, he can't go inside against Duke's big men. Rush is the only guy I can count on to score. It's 52-21 when I bring my starters back in, presumably for the rest of the game.

6:30 2nd - I forgot, my center, Coleman, had 4 fouls. He fouls out.

We pick up the pace in the final 5 minutes and score a bit more but allow a ton at the end.

#10 Duke 68
NC A&T 30

Duke improved in the 2nd half and shot 49.1% while we shot 24% for the game. We were 2/13 from 3 with 24 turnovers to only 6 for Duke.

Rush scored 13 points, but shot 4-13 overall(3-3 from the line).

PG Ewing scored 5, as did our backup PF Shepherd.

Our 2nd best player, Jason Willis, was completely helpless inside against Duke. He went 0-8 from the floor, scoring 2 points only when he got to the free throw line.

Of course this was expected, and we have a good run of games against teams not nearly this good to get comfortable before conference play.
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